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Our Design Team develops or collaborates in the production of Construction documents and specifications as per Clients' objectives and as required for city permitting processing.


Our management specialists prepare project's budget, construction time schedules, and a construction strategy based on construction documents.


Our management team provides value engineering options, and engages in a competitive bid process to qualify and select subcontractors and material suppliers to ensure adherence to project's specifications and quality standards.

Our structural engineer in collaboration with our special structural inspector, allow us to provide our Clients with an effective structural design and an efficient implementation of the structural work.


We focus on identifying and tracking structural critical path tasks that overlap with subsequent critical installation of finishes that must be performed with outmost precision.


We interact with project's Architect & Engineers to resolve design-construction issues that may arise during the construction process by creating and implementing effective workable solutions.


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Our construction team is composed of select pre-qualified subcontractors and material suppliers that meet our high expectations of workmanship and quality standards.


Our project supervision is dedicated to monitor subcontractor's performance and to enforce commitments to construction specifications and quality of workmanship. 


We strive on executing and completing projects that meet or exceed our clients' expectations, while delivering top quality and functionality. 

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